What’s the difference between you and other sales intelligence tools?

Great question! We’re happy you asked 🙂 Immagnify sets itself apart by utilizing publicly available data about businesses and individuals instead of a restricted and closed database.  With these abilities, Immagnify can ensure that the data related to your ICPs (Ideal Customer Profile) is always fresh. You can also use the advanced filtering capabilities that […]

What sources do you use to get contact information?

Immagnify’s system integrates information sourced from public records, proprietary prediction and verification algorithms, and external providers, in order to offer the most extensive coverage and precise results possible.

How does Immagnify collect data?

Immagnify helps businesses identify and connect with potential leads. One of the most important aspects of this process is the collection of data on companies and prospects. One of the primary methods developed in Immagnify is its proprietary search indexes, which operate similarly to Google and Bing. Our specialized software automatically scans publicly available web […]

How to set your Deliverability Score (email accuracy score)

The Deliverability Score is the accuracy score of the emails presented on your account. Each user in an account can set their individual deliverability score of the emails they receive when revealing or exporting contact details. Emails with a Deliverability Score of over 80% are more accurate and have a lower bounce rate. Emails with […]

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