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What’s the difference between you and other sales intelligence tools?

Great question! We’re happy you asked 🙂 Immagnify sets itself apart by utilizing publicly available data about businesses and individuals instead of a restricted and closed database.  With these abilities, Immagnify can ensure that the data related to your ICPs (Ideal Customer Profile) is always fresh. You can also use the advanced filtering capabilities that […]

How does Immagnify collect data?

Immagnify helps businesses identify and connect with potential leads. One of the most important aspects of this process is the collection of data on companies and prospects. One of the primary methods developed in Immagnify is its proprietary search indexes, which operate similarly to Google and Bing. Our specialized software automatically scans publicly available web […]

How to enrich (import) a company list?

You can import a ready-made CSV/Excel file with a list of up to 10K companies to enrich it. One of the following needs to be included in the company list: Company Name Company Website Company LinkedIn Please note: adding more than one parameter will increase the data accuracy. Click on the Enrich Data icon , […]

What do the Advanced Search Capabilities include?

The Advanced Search Capabilities include the following: AND feature – Available in many filters and allows you to pinpoint relevant companies and contacts by using several keywords together (instead of adding keywords separately with the OR option). Here is a quick video to demonstrate this feature.  Exclude feature – Allows you to eliminate certain parameters […]

How to change the default home screen (People/Company)

Click on the Settings icon on the left navigation bar. On the Profile tab, click on the drop-down menu under User Preferences -> Default Home Screen. Choose the search page you want to set as your default page that will appear whenever you log in to Immagnify: The People Search page, or the Company Search […]

How to clear all filters

In case you would like to begin a new search quickly, in both People Search and Company Search pages, click on the Clear All Filters icon , on the top left side of the filters’ pane

How to save a company search

If you’d like to save a company search on the Company Search page for future use, click on the Recent Searches tab. Click on the Recent Searches title (if the pane beneath is closed). You can detect the relevant search you would like to save by the date and time of the search you conducted. […]

How to expand the company’s information view

You can learn more about a company by clicking on the company’s name on the Company Search page. A pane will open on the right side of the screen, including three tabs: Summary, Financials, and People; The Summary tab includes a general description of the company (about), the company type, and the founding year. The Financials […]

How to export companies directly from the search page

You can export up to 50 companies directly from the Company Search page (Free plan users can export up to 25 contacts). First, change the maximum number of companies displayed on the page to 50 on the top right side of the contacts view: You can manually select specific companies by checking the checkboxes on […]

How to search for companies by location

Go to the Company Search page. Click on the Locations filter. Then choose the relevant region from the drop-down menu, or enter a specific country, and click on Enter. If you would like to find companies whose Headquarters are in this specific region/country, check the checkbox on the left side of the region/country  . If […]

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