How to import a company’s list of up to 200 rows into Immagnify (Data Enrichment)

You can import a ready-made CSV of up to 200 companies directly to the Company search page.

We recommend using the companies’ websites or social link pages for a more accurate match.

Click on Show Advanced Filters at the bottom of the filters pane.

Click on the Import Data from CSV filter.

You can drag and drop or upload a saved CSV.

Choose the relevant column from the CSV you would like to import to Immagnify on the left box by opening the drop-down menu.

Choose Immagnify’s equivalent filter, by opening the drop-down menu on the right box.

For example:

Click on Apply.

The data you import is entered into the relevant filter.

You can continue filtering the data, finding contacts in these companies, and exporting the enriched company list.

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